Thursday, September 5, 2013



No field trip for us today.  Today was a stay at home and do nothing day.  It was great fun too.  

We did was the little section of carpet where the dinning room table goes.  That is where during our trip a cabinet door came open and a liter bottle minus about a tablespoon of oil came flying out and landed on this rug with no lid.  It was a mess.  We have had it covered with upside down doggy pads.  It is also on the side where the slide out does not work so we do not use that area.  Not sure we got is all out, but it does look a lot better.  

We are looking into getting the slide fixed in Elkhart, Indiana.  We have contacted Gulf Stream.  They no longer make motor homes.  They just make 5th wheel and travel trailers now.  They did recommend this guy we are going to.  He said if they did not need to order parts he should be able to get things all welded back and on track in a couple of hours.  Hope these are not famous last words and they can really get it done that fast.  

I took a two hour nap today.  I really needed that.  I haven't been sleeping all that great with the way the bed has to be because the slide out does not work.  Did some reading and knitting.  It was great not to have to be somewhere or do something.  Down days are fun too.  

It has cooled off some here and we are liking that too.  We saw a couple of freighters on the lake today.  It was a traffic jam, they were following each other.   

   I have a theme thing going with the socks.  Cute

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