Monday, September 2, 2013

St Lawrence River kayaking

 This being the last day of the "big" weekend the campers are leaving in droves.  We are almost all alone here, but this place was packed.  

   I mentioned yesterday that this state park is old.  The rock buildings were constructed by the CCC's in the 1930's.

Today we stayed in the park and did some cleaning, well a little cleaning anyway.  It really rained on us last night so we are in a mud puddle again.  It was beginning to dry up some, but not so much now. It is threatening to rain on us any time now, but it is warm.  Rog said it reminds him of Florida, hot and oh so humid.    

We decided since the St Lawrence River is here we needed to take the kayaks out.  It was really calm and hardly any current  so we had a great couple of hours of paddling.  We sat in our kayaks and gazed across the river at Canada, not that far away. 

The Saint Lawrence River or St. Lawrence River is a large river   connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. The river traverses the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario and forms part of the international boundary between Ontario and New York in the United States.  You can see Canada in the distance in this pic.


I love the rock layers and no uplifting happened in this part of the world.

The  trees are just growing out of the rock cliffs at the water's edge.

this layering is right at the water's edge.

The layering is thick and then so very thin and so very fragile.

The river runs 1,900 mi. from the farthest headwater to the mouth and 743.8 mi from the outflow of Lake Ontario. The farthest headwater is the North River in Minnesota. Its drainage area, which includes the Great Lakes and hence the world's largest system of freshwater lakes, has a size of 519,000 sq mi, of which 324,000 sq mi is in Canada and 195,000 sq mi is in the United States. 

  Though European mariners, such as John Cabot and Alonso Sanchez in the 15th century and the Norse 500 years still earlier, explored the Gulf of St. Lawrence the first European explorer known to have sailed up the St. Lawrence River itself was Jacques Cartier, during his second trip to Canada in 1535.


We had a great day of kayaking, cleaning some of the house and washed the car.  The car was way way dirty.  We had not washed it once in Canada.  All the other men were washing their rigs every chance they got.  Rog and I agreed that we wanted to spend our time seeing Canada not washing the car and rig.  So we took with us a lot of souvenirs, dirt from each province was layered on our car and motorhome.  LOL  We are having a nice thunderstorm now and a little rain. 



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