Tuesday, September 3, 2013

rig and wheel

Our spot in the last state park, Ceder Point.  It was pretty wet and muddy when we first arrived, but we had another really good rainstorm while we were here.  

We are all set to leave, but no we are stuck in the mud!!! What to do to get this big rig out?
So we raise the wheel with the back jack and place a door mat under the wheel and see if this might work.  Not so much!  The wheel spun and the mat went flying, but no movement forward.  

   We needed help so I flagged down a worker at the park and he got help and some bigger, better mats.  At first they placed them on either side of the wheels.  Not going to work because the wheel is spinning in place as it is so the wheel can not catch the mats to climb out.  
   The next try is Rog putting the back jack down until the wheel is off the ground and they place the mat under and another mat in front of that one.  

  Now for the other side, but Rog can not raise it high enough to get the mat under so they had to bring out the hardware (shovel) and dig it under.   


 Finally they got the job done and the jacks lowered.  Ready to get out of the mud.  

It seems to be working.  Just keep the foot on the gas and easy on out.
   It worked!!!  Thanks guys you really helped us out of this mess.  We headed down the road, but were a bit confused.

We are not sure?  We thought we were much farther north than this.   
They grow a lot of apples in this neck of the woods.  The trees are very tiny, but full of apples.  

   They also have bigger ones too.  
   more trees

  Love this house in the middle of the apple trees.  From the signs along the way they also have peach and apricot trees here too.  
   We are entering the Golden Hills State Park.  We had a great trip with some rain, but nice.  With this drive this is going to be a good place to stay. 

Our new home is on the edge of Lake Ontario!!!!  It is sooo beautiful here.  More on the park and lighthouse that is here in other blogs.  

  We are sitting by the lake waiting for the sunset and I spy this freighter heading?? somewhere. 
  Our sunset and we were not disappointed.  More on this place and other things later.  

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