Monday, September 9, 2013

Ohio to Indiana

We got up early to some cool weather and headed toward Indiana knowing it was going to be much warmer.  We were right.  We are parked in front of the outfit that is going to fix my slide out tomorrow!!!! say that again please, fix my slide out!!  

It is a very desolate parking area, but it is free and has 30 amps., great wifi, and great tv reception.  Got my hair cut and ate out at Micky D's yea!!!  so all is well here.  

We did stop in route at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio.  We had the big beast so did not get to do much here.  It is mostly hiking and biking stuff anyway.  They did have a waterfall to gaze upon, but really we just saw Niagara Falls so they really had to go some to impress us so soon after that sight.  LOL

We headed down the road and made it into Indiana.  I have pix of farm land and barns and the Amish.  It must have been end of the work day for them because they were out in force on the roadways.  Their buggies have Indiana license plates.  That way they are paying for the use of the highways too.  Speaking of the highways.  We took the toll road, our interstate highways by the way, and it was so rough!!  They should be ashamed of themselves for taking  money and giving us terrible roads to drive on.  So we got off along with a whole bunch of truckers and came the rest of the way here on regular roads and they were so much better.    

 This is about the National Park.


 They had a neat display of what this area would have looked like back in the day.

They also had a display on the building of the particular boats that traveled this canal. 

 I did not know where the boards came from in a log when they milled them.  Interesting.
I love barns, old and new, but mostly old they have such "character".


Interesting shape?

Buggies everywhere.


this is our new home place.  I am hoping for just tonight!!!

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