Tuesday, September 10, 2013

horse sweater

 Well this morning bright and early they came for the rig.  They looked it over and re-welded the bracket that holds the motor for one end of the slide out that fell off in Newfoundland.  They got it done in record time and we also asked them to check on some other things while they we at it.  So it took some time to get it all done.

Our man came out with the motor in hand and said there is a problem.  There always is you know.  The thingys on the housing which is attached to the newly welded bracket were broken and there was no way to attach it.  So out went the calls to find, first a housing to replace the old.  This did not happen because our rig is just too old.  I have been trying to convince Rog of this too.  LOL  So they had to order one.  This will not get done and delivered until Friday because they are having to create one.  So we decided to take them up on their offer of staying here free instead of heading down the road to a campground.  

We spent the morning here in their lounge with the girls.  When they got done with what they could we set up the rig for the 3 days we are staying here.  We had to clean out a couple of compartments so they could get at the places to fix everything.  So now that was all in the rig which is quite crowded already.  So I could not stand that so I went through the stuff and repacked and decided again to get rid of some stuff and then put it back in the compartments for the time being.  I know I will need to take the stuff back out, but I need the space.       

This pic is for Laura.  I know they are miniature horses and all, but still this is a big sweater.  LOL  Way too much time on their hands to knit this.

And to stay with the horse theme.

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