Thursday, January 17, 2013


you can take this to the bank!!!!!!!

19 Days left until Tom is home!!!!!

Well today was another lazy day.
We went to the $100 store and spent more of course.  Had the tires rotated.  Got the car washed and of course it rained.  It hasn't rained near us in months and he just had to wash the car.  
Ran around getting other errands done.  

The big story here is the weather.  At noon calm skies and temperature 82 move ahead to 4:00 pm temperature 62 windy (15 to 25 mph) and misting out.   They are saying tonight's temperature in the 40's with wind chill in the 30's.  We are not liking this much.  They say the high temperature should be 65 tomorrow.  Then up in the mid 70's by Saturday, now that's more like it.

We are off to the RV show in Tampa early in the morning.   So will have pix and stuff to write about.   

"PowerLineBlog” recently held competition for $100,000 for whomever could most effectively and creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis.  Several entries have gotten a lot of attention, but the one that has gone most viral so far is ‘The Doorbell.’ If you haven't yet seen it, you may watch it here. It’s only 59 seconds long: 

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