Wednesday, January 23, 2013

running away never win/dinner guests/soup

That's so true those little buggers (problems) will find you where ever you go.

15 Days Until Tom is Home!!!!!

We just lazied around the resort soaking in the sun and warmth, even though the weatherman says we are experiencing a cold snap (high 60's low70's).  I must say it is a bit nippy tonight and we put on the little heater.

  I am into soups.  I am loving them and have been cooking some, well one kind so far.  I have found a recipe for veggie soup and it is so good I have been cooking just it.  Laura has a recipe for some kind of sausage soup, but she has yet sent it on to me.  hint hint

We are having our friends over for dinner tonight and maybe we can get a game of something going after dinner.  

Les and Michelle came over.  I made macs and cheese from scratch.  I went to Food Network online and found one Elton Brown recipes.  I thought it was good.  We also had some of my veggie soup, broccoli, pea and cheese salad my mom made, and ice cream with really dark chocolate (yuck).  I just put a little on mine to try it and did not like it much. All and all the meal was good.  We ended up playing Mexican Train dominoes.  I lost as usual.  

We are heading to the horse races on Saturday with Les and Michelle.  I got this deal with Groupon for a group of four.  I must retell what I saw after someone said how do we get there.  Two GPS units came out and the Florida folks said they were not going any of the ways this wonderful technology that took so many years and many technicians and many science and computer minds to build.  Pulled out a book of maps and proceeded to map out the route.  They were not satisfied with that so called relatives and they told them where to go.  I like Tom (our GPS units name) and will follow him anywhere.   

If it's true that we are here to help others,
then what exactly are the others here for?


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