Sunday, January 6, 2013

lesson learned/leaving "Little Quebec, Canada"1

 For those of you that think they are seeing double, not so much.  I clicked the wrong button and published this blog too soon.  So I tried an experiment and deleted it and did some other magic and was able to take it back to pubish at another time.  Next time I will do it quicker so not so many of you see it before I am ready. LOL. 

We are packing up and getting ready to head to Orlando again.  Whenever we arrive at a new location one of the first unpack things we do is take down the kayaks we carry on the top of the car.  These come down because they are very noisy as we travel about having fun and going to the grocery store.  We also take the rack off the back of the car that hold the pieces parts for the trailer.  When fully assembled the trailer carries the kayaks to launch points in the area when we stay any length of time and plan on kayaking more than once.  When leaving we need to put all this stuff and other things away.  So we usually do this the day before, especially in Florida because the dew is everything and everything is wet in the morning.   We have a 240 miles trip tomorrow so we will be up and out early in the morning.  

We take breaks in our packing, I knit and Rog reads a book or goes on line and reads stuff.  Or sometimes we play cards.  Laura brought a new card game for us to try.  She knows we are big fans of "The Big Bang Theory" so she got us their card game.  You really have to watch and re-watch a lot to be any good at the game, but it is fun trying.  We both won one, so we need to play one more tonight to see who is the champion is. 

We are not all that pleased with the two ELS parks we stayed at here in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area.  They are older "refurbished" mobile home parks.  They have taken a double wide space and crammed two RV's in them.  They are so close together it is unreal.  Fortunately we have had no one parked next to us.  I am hoping this holds true for tonight because it will be close to impossible for us to get out of here if someone is parked next to us.   Let me go back to "refurbished".  They took the mobile homes out, painted the cement pads, and added utilities to cram us in.  The out buildings, pool, laundry, etc are the same old places.  Both parks are located on very busy streets and next to the railroad tracks that are in full use day and night.  It is nice to have a place to stay to see the area, but gees. 

Another gripe is that the parks are completely filled with French Canadians.  Even the check in office is like you entered a different country.  And they only speak French.  They are quite rude too.  At the other park we needed help and a couple finally came to us and said if our license plates were from Canada they would have gone on by.  They say the same people have been coming to their park every winter for 10/15 years and they still don't think they need to learn English.  Maybe they could learn enough to say good morning or hiThey approach you as if you are invading there country.  I guess they also cause a lot of problems in association meeting too.  

What I am trying to say is we had a great time with the kid and grandkid. Saw and did some great things, but I am looking forward to going back to Orlando were they speak English and are friendly .  
So lesson learned and we move on happy and healthy.  


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