Sunday, January 20, 2013

productive and laugh and laugh

  lol lol good one.  ZZZZZZZZZ

16 Days until Tom is home!!!!!

ROAD TRIP tomorrow!!!! We packed up and are ready for a new resort.  We are staying on the west coast of Florida this time near Tampa Bay.  It is a little south of Tampa Bay, but still on the coast.

 Rog repacked the car to get all of our stuff in.  We had the lounge chairs hooked on the back of the rig on the ladder rack, but you could not see the brake lights or turn signal on that side so Rog decided that was really not very safe.  He also wanted things arranged in the car so that we did not have to empty the car to travel around town.  He wants to see out the back.  So he thinks he has it now.  I am thinking soon we will do this all over again for some reason or another.  

Sheri took the girls to the snow in Flagstaff, Arizona and I took this cute pic off her facebook page of  granddaughter Maddy.  

We will see how the weather is when we get to our new location.  I am wanting to go kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico!  See if I can get that to happen.

 If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

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