Saturday, January 5, 2013

just because/cooking

I have decided to begin my blog with, as Brother Dave would say, some hard sayings for the new year.  I wish you would read them and think about it for a second or two and then read on. 

  I told you in a previous blog that I got a Ninja cooker for my early birthday present.  Last night we fixed chicken tortilla soup without the tortillas. LOL   It was and is so good.  It made enough for us to have dinner last night, lunch today and we have another meal or two left.  It just seems to have a deeper flavor with each reheating.  

Tonight I am trying to steam roast a beef roast.  They say cooking this way is healthier for you.  I understand that is important, but for me it is all in the flavor and healthy is a by-productWe did the roast.  We put a thermometer with digital readout for medium rare and set the oven to cook and waited for my roast.  The smells were good.  The timer went off for the thermometer so meat was done.  Not so fast, evidently something is wrong with the thermometer because the meat was very rare.  So back it went and we waited some more.  Well dinner was finally ready and the roast was done to our standards and was really moist, tasty and all.  I have decided what I really like is a good stew or pot roast instead of just roasting the meat.  We have another meal of the roast.  So we are set in the eats department for awhile.    

We went back to the store to look at the cookbook for the cooker.  After looking at the book I came to the conclusion that I  have most of the recipes already and was not all that interested in the other ones I saw.

Our weather is different.  We woke with rain falling on the roof, well really it is drizzle falling or misting.  What I am trying to say is that it was not a down pour.   Looked at the weather then and the humidity was 97% with a dew point of 67*.  We had thick fog this morning and have not seen the sun today and it is still very overcast this afternoon.  The temperature is good so we are not suffering with high humidity and heat too.

Did nothing today so no pix.  We are leaving here on Monday so tomorrow we are planning on packing up our stuff and getting ready to head back to Orlando for awhile.  


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