Friday, January 18, 2013

try again/RV show

I find most of the time in life it is I will try again tomorrow.
18 Days left until Tom is home!!!! 

We got up early this morning and headed to the Tampa RV Show at the fairgrounds.  We had 60 acres of RV's to look at.  As we were walking up to the ticket booth and a couple saw us getting our coupon out to get a $ off for the entrance fee.  They had two tickets and wanted to know if we would want to purchase them for half off.  So the day was starting off great.  

We met our friends Michelle and Les there and had a great time looking at RV's and catching up on the latest news.

They had many entertainers wondering the RV show.  This guy is a one man band and was singing along.
This couple was playing river tunes and southern boat songs.
This guy had opera playing as he was maneuvering his gondola on the "street canals" of the fairgrounds.
These guys had a dog show they transported around in this wagon get-up.  It was really quite cold here today.  So they were yelling fresh "chilly" dogs.  So funny!  They said on hotter days they would yell fresh "hot" dogs.  

This is a couples group.  He is called Short Rope and did rope tricks as they wondered the area.
His side kick was this cute young lady being pulled about by her armadillo named, Dilly.  So cute.  Dilly would waddle along.  That was the joke Short Rope told us.  Why did the chicken cross the road?  To show an armadillo it can be done.  LOL LOL  
They had a section of the older RV's.
The black one is on a Model A or T and you can see the sheep wagon in the background.  Back in the day this is what the sheep herder would live in while the sheep were out in the pasture.  My mom's cousin and his wife lived in one of these for a while back when.
Inside the Model A or T.
Rog having a bite to eat.  We had a long but great day.  We got there at 9:00 when they opened and left at 3:00.  I was on my feet most of the time looking at RV's.  They have some really beautiful rigs.  They had everything you could possible want in the type of RV out there.   We also looked at the many booths they had there too.  We wore our Adventure Caravan jackets, one to keep warm and two because if we go the the Adventure Caravan's booth with  them on we get $100 off any trip we book or have booked with them.  We also talked with the people at the Encore booth and got a deal for a months stay in Arizona in November when we see the kids and grandkids.   And of course we picked up booklets and papers on everything camping. 
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