Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Firsts/yarn/new cooker

Today I did a couple of firsts.
My first massage.
My first facial.

I got another coupon from Groupon for a  2 hour massage/facial. So Laura and I headed out this morning and wow!!!!  This is on my bucket list to do at least once a month from now on.  I am taking "the man"  the next time.  I feel so good and my skin is wonderful too.
Systematic, scientific manipulation of body tissues with the hands to relieve pain and reduce swelling, relax muscles, and speed healing after strains and sprains. It has been used for more than 3,000 years by the Chinese. Early in the 19th century, the Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling (1776–1839) devised a massage system for joint and muscle ailments, which was later extended to relieve deformities of arthritis and re-educate muscles following paralysis. Manipulations include light or hard stroking, compression (kneading, squeezing, and friction), and percussion (striking with the edges of the hands in rapid alternation). 

We also got Living Socials for a yarn shop and after the massage we headed off to buy more yarn and patterns to keep us busy.  I am going to try my hand at making a shawl this time.  We also got a book on hats and scarves.

Rog stayed home with the girls and read most of the time I am guessing.  He did take we out shopping.  No Les not your kind of shopping , my kind of shopping.   I wanted it, went to the store that sold it, looked at it, bought it, and left the store--shopping.  So I got an early birthday present.  Rog got me a Ninja cooker.  We are trying it tonight, but we are kind of making up our own recipe.  If things are not good we will try one of their recipes before we make our final judgement on the cooker.  If the meal is no good we will just have to fire the cook, I guess. LOL  The meal was good, but I think following one of their recipes I will really like the cooker even better.

LOL LOL LOL  Love this one.

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