Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 30 something of 49

We hit the road for a new part of Newfoundland.  The road is called the Viking Trail.  There are parts of the road that ride and feel like a dirt trail too.  I wonder a lot on this trip if our motor home will ever be the same.  It has been taking quite a beating on these "roads".  

On our way here to stopped at a Salmon fish ladder.   The Atlantic Salmon spawn just like the Pacific.  They turn red while they spawn and they go to their birth place just like the Pacific, but they do not die like the Pacific Salmon.  It was interesting to see.  

   This is the room where they record, measure and count the Salmon as they release them into the river.  They planted the Salmon on this river to get more Salmon in the pool of life.  This is the first fish ladder we have seen on a water fall.  In the states we see ladders on dams.  We saw one trying to jump the falls, but too much work.  

   Saw some blueberries, but they were not ripe.

  the ride here was beautiful.  We saw lots of forests and hills, but most of the ride was coast line.  Here you can see a stack of lobster traps on the "beach" in the lower left hand corner.  

  For our evening meal we headed to the coast and a the Viking digs.  We went underground to eat.  This would be the kind of building the Viking would have built when they landed here many many years ago.  they were trying hard to give us the feel of the time and place we were going back to.  Great job too.

  It was a buffet with many of the Newfoundland local dishes.  Jiggs Dinner( a stew with root veggies,potatoes, carrots, turnips, and cabbage with salt pork), Fisherman's Brewies (salted cod and a hardtack bread soaked and cooked down)  I had eaten this before and liked it better at the other place, but still good.  Cod tongue, the lower lip of the cod.  This was too fishy for me.  Salmon, good, Moose stew,  this was the best of them all.  And roast beef for those that just could not try anything new and different.  We had a pancake with partridge berry and hot apple sauce with whip cream.  Great eats.  Then they held court like back in the day.  so funny.
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