Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 24 pix of 49

These are the catch-up pix for Day 24
 20 rigs convoyed to the ferry dock at 10:05 to wait in line for our 3:30 reservation to get on the ferry.
It was very interesting. 
Here we all are waiting in our lines.  There were two of us in a different line because we wanted to be next to the elevators when we got on board.
This is just one row of us.
Here some of are visiting waiting for the time to pass.  We did get our folding table out and played double hearts, we just learned, and jokers and pegs we learned here on the blacktop waiting to load.
Here you can see one of the big trucks loading on on the top ramp.
This is another ferry coming in as ours was loading.
You can see the nose lifted.
At the ramp
And unloading.  Just a few cars and one truck. 
All of us went in the belly of the best.  Rig # 18 and us were the very last on the ferry.  We have heard tells of the last caravan that our WagonMaster went on here, at the time he was the tailgunner on that trip, four of the rigs were left behind on the dock as the ferry sailed off.  We were getting a bit worried.
A lot of the big trucks were on the top level for vehicles.
Leaving the dock and on our way to hopefully an 8 hour trip.  We would be getting in at 11:30 PM on the other end of this ride.  We had dinner on board, played cards when the shut down the dining room to eating so the time went by fast.  We are going to do the same on the return trip, but during the day time.  It was really a lot of fun and I am glad we got to experience it.
Big trucks
Storm on the high seas
This pic was taken on the other side of the ferry at the same time as the one above.
Two ferries passing in the night during a storm.  It rained quite a bit too.
Inside the belly of the beast. Notice the upper top side where the cars are.
Notice that after all the cars on that side were out they lowered the ramp for them to come out.
Free at last.  Now to find a place to park for the night.  It is 11:30.  Also all the locals on the ferry said do not drive at night because the moose are all over the roads and they are not fun to hit.  We had 13 miles to go in the dark to get to where we were to park the rigs.  

Day 25 of 49

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