Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 49 of 49 and the rest of the story

Yesterday was our last day of the caravan to the Atlantic Provinces.  We woke up to pastry goodies and coffee.  We all said our good byes and headed for the border and the good olde USA.  Very glad to be back.  
Here is Don finally making it to the front of the line to pass the test to get back into our own country.  Unreal.  All RV's were searched.  We had to open our door let them in to look anywhere they wanted, some even had to open compartments.  Of all the cars that went through not one was searched the entire 30 minutes or more we waited for our turn.  Not right.   Took my tomatoes, apples (because they had a Chile sticker on them), and my tangerine (because we will not let any kind of citrus into the USA even if it was purchased in the USA)  All of these items were purchased in Walmarts.  They make no sense at all.  Well after giving them all my food we left to forage for more.  LOL  We had to travel 400 miles the first day because were given incorrect information on the location to the end of the caravan.  We do not usually travel more than 200 miles in a day.  We were on the road about 12 hours and got to Vermont around 7:30 in the dark.  Not good.

 Made it all the was through Maine and into New Hampshire.  All the way across New Hampshire and to the middle of Vermont our first day out.  

The New England states are beautiful
Our final state, now we have to get to the middle and our campsite.  We had reservations because this is the Labor Day Weekend and every campsite is taken.  We did not want to take any chances of not finding a spot so off we went for a marathon drive.  We did not enjoy it and hope we can plan better next time out.  But really we planned this time, but our information was not correct.  


The leaves are beginning to change big time in Vermont.

Farming is big in this area.  This guy is cutting the grass.


This guy is picking it up from the ground and putting it in the truck and off it goes.  They had filled one just as we approached and this guy just moved up to take his place. 
   We drove up the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont and then down the shore in New York.  This is at the top of the USA as we went across the bridge we entered New York.

This was taken as we went across the bridge on the New York side.  There has got to be a very interesting story here.


You cross the border on the bridge, but they had a tiny sign there and I missed the shot so this is much more impressive anyway.


    Sights as we drove along in New York.  
This is the border crossing in New York.  This was how close we were to Canada on our travels today.  We stopped and got fuel and the guy next to us was Canadian and asked if we had just come through the crossing.  No.  Well it took him 2 hours to get through.  

Some thoughts on being home again.  Rog is glad to be back because he can buy lunch meats again.  He noted that Canadians must not eat lunch meats of any kind.  He loves his salami.  LOL  Also the price of beer in Canada is outrageous.  A case of beer no matter the brand costs $45 and they are only sold in province runned liquor stores.  For you that do not purchase beer in the states it would cost around $17 depending on the brand of beer.      

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