Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 22 of 49

  You could purchase three different Adventure Caravan Atlantic Provience trips with this one trip the beginning, the end, or the whole thing.  We went the whole thing because we wanted to see it all.  Today we had a breakfast at the wagon master's rig to say good-bye to 2 of our fellow caravaners who purchased just the beginning.  That said one of them is going on to the next stop for one more night.  We also will pick up the caravaner that is taking just the end of the trip.  But they came in early, yesterday.  

Today is a travel day!!! 11 miles!!!!  We don't understand either.  Maybe that park is more expensive and they are wanting to get us positioned to get on the ferry the next day.  We don't understand we just do.  LOL  Found out why.  Long boring story short: left old rv park because they did them wrong, went to this one because the company they purchased came here and it is better.  Going to the next park 11 miles down the road today because they have been going there for a very long time and and they treat them right.  


This is a freighter in the canal going into the Bras D'or Lakes.  This freighter is empty now, but is heading down to the lakes to get a load of gypsum to haul back to the plant for processing. 

  Here he goes under the Seal Island Bridge.  We have been looking at this beautiful bridge for a couple of days and today we will be traveling over it.
Today we had a pot luck which was yummmy and Santa and Mrs Claus came and passed out gifts.  It was so cute.  Mrs. Claus would come out to take you to sit on Santa's lap and then Susie took our pix. oh boy on that one.  We had a great time and played cards after. 

We are in for some interesting days ahead.  Four or five days ago one of the ferries to Newfoundland ran aground and is now out of service.  We were going to take the long ferry (16 hours) tomorrow, but that ferry is not doing that run.  So we are taking the short ferry (6 hours).  That will land us over 500 miles from our next campgrounds.  Our wagon masters have been working hard to get things fixed.  We are to leave tomorrow around 3:30PM, we are to get to the dock at 11:00AM to get in line to load onto the ferry.  Many hours on the docks with rvs and us.  We will land on Newfoundland around 10:00 to 10:30PM.  We will all meet at a very wide spot in the road and dry camp for the night.  Leave there in the morning and travel 280 miles to a campground where there is not enough room for all of us so some will have to go into over flow and dry camp for one night.  The next night we will be in the campground we would have been in if the ferry was working the long runs.  This mishap will cost us 500 extra miles, but all will be great.  So glad someone else is taking care of everything.  

Tomorrow is a free day to roam the area on our own.  Then in the evening we are to have a lobster/prime rib dinner here at the campgrounds and then we are going to be entertained by a group of Newfoundlanders as a preview of coming things.  

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