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Day 39 - 44 of 49

I have been without internet for sometime now and it is so hard to get all the pix and remember what happened.  So I am thinking maybe when I get back to the states and have nothing to do I will look back at the pix and remember again with you.  Speaking of looking back at the pix one of my lenses (the one I use the most, for my camera is broken.  That is going to limit me a lot.  Hoping I can get a fix for that soon too.  
In the pic above we are on the ferry heading for "The Big Land" of Labrador.  We can see it up ahead as we are sitting in the ferry.

 This is where we are going.  From "The Rock" Newfoundland to "The Big Land" Labrador.

We have landed and made it this far into Labrador. 

Osprey with chick

The next pix are of moose.  They are fuzzy for several reasons.  One this is where I learned my lens was broke.  Two, we had to get up and on the tour bus by 5:30 in the morning.  Three, the bus was moving and it is really early and the light is not so good.  We did see 29 moose on the way to the ferry.

 The ferry was late getting to Labrador and we had to catch the last one back at 3:30 so that did not leave us time to go much of anywhere here.  This is the burial sight of an Indian boy that dates back 7,500 years or so.


This is the Point Amour Lighthouse.   There were 199 steps up and down too.  Somehow when this is mentioned people never mention the down part.  I did not go up, but Rog did.

Inside the lighthouse where the family lived.
Thick walls

Rog is at the top of the lighthouse and that is me on the other side of the fence behind the bus.

Adventure Caravans changed the tour for this trip.  We were to board the ferry on foot then board a tour bus see some sights go to a hotel room, see some sights, and leave the next morning.  We did not and were not told of the change until after the trip was underway.  There were many peeps unhappy.  We did not get to go to Red Bay.  Not sure what I missed, but that is the way it went and not much could be done.  
The ferries are so booked up that it would take weeks to get reservations to get the bus back across the ferry.  The good thing was we did get to see all the moose.  The are out early in the morning and late at night.

Our return ferry to Newfoundland coming in.

We are waiting to board.

On day 42 before traveling to Codory we stopped at the Insectarium.  What a wonderful place.  It is an old barn fixed up really nice.  The owner was there and gave us the neatest talk about the birds and bees about the bees.  And then we toured the insect collections and the butterfly house.  I could have spend all day there, but we needed to move on.

Sorry to say the camera is still not working and the humidity in the butterfly house was high and the lens was fogging up all the time too.

Neat way of displaying the chrysalis.  They had the names and pix of the soon to be butterflies.

Leaf Ants or something of that nature.  They are taking strawberry leaves.... 

piece by piece to their....

"garden".  This is a fungus that they nurture using dead plant material, strawberry leaves, in this case.  The fungus is what they eat.  Amazing creatures.  
A bug that looks like a leaf
They had display cases after display cases of butterflies and other insects.  

We are getting ready to board the ferry in the morning leaving "The Rock" behind. 

Again I am doing this blog early in the morning around 3/4 and trying to get as much done because not sure if we have internet at the next place so bear with me here.

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