Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 26 of 49

 We finally have wifi so I have published to other blogs on the trip.  Pix for 24 and day 25 so look at those too. 

We started off today heading for St John's.  It was about 270 miles.  It was a beautiful trip and we saw some amazing country.  

    While traveling through one of the small towns I saw this.  Love what is on the marquee.

  The only moose we have seen in Newfoundland so far.  I want to have it on the record as having seen something that kind of sort of looks like a moose moose. 



We did not do any hiking around just drove to get here, but it was so beautiful.  At times it reminded us of the Rockies in Colorado traveling 1,000's of feet high above the tree line where only the tiny little tundra plants could survive.  And we are only 800 feet at the most.  Water water everywhere in ponds, as they call them, lakes in the States, or rivers.  The weather was great all day.  We had a wonderful travel day.  And then..... 

Love the purple flowers.  They are everywhere also the berries are ripe now too and all along the road. 

..... we come into camp, put down the jacks and get all leveled and begin to slide out.  The kitchen slide goes out first and all is well.  Then we do the bedroom slide.  We do this slide out operation as a team one pushing the button the other watching for anything that might go wrong.  Most of the time nothing wrong happens.  Well, today something went really wrong.  As we were putting it out Rog noticed right away only one end of the slide was going out.  After careful inspection we found that the motor that operates that end of the slide had fallen, the weld had broken, and was dangling and the slide beam was not right either of course.  Well after the tailgunner got jacks and boards and the guys put their heads together they were able to get the slide back in.  So we are without the bedroom slide until we can get it repair, probably after this trip.  Come to find out the motor was only spot welded and only one of the two spots welds had held this long.  We (I) are hoping that the slide will stay in as we travel down the road.  The roads here as in the States are in need of repairs and they can be very rough and bumpy at times.  We are not going to let this stop us from enjoying the rest of the trip here.  So tomorrow we are off on an all day bus tour of the city and sights in the surrounding area.  I am hoping this is not to hard to read and understand because I am off to bed, I am very tired.  Will have good wifi tomorrow so will post more pix and stuff latter.  Remember to look at pix Day 24 and Day 25

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