Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 23 of 49

Woke up to clear beautiful skies, warm temp, and a bit of wind.  We were going to see if we could put the kayaks out again, but it is just no fun fighting the wind.  

I am putting this pic up again with the freighter to show you were we kayaked.  In the foreground you can make out the top of an RV.  That will give you a feel for how close we were to the water.  That water just beyond the RV is were we put in with the kayaks.  Go over the bridge and around the water and we are camped now just across from the last campground and a little down canal (river).  

We are getting updates on what is happening with our plans since the ferry mishap.  It has to be something to try and get a campground with 21 spaces in two days notice.  

We are also going to be on a ferry and on the side of the road for a night so I know I will not be able to blog.  So stay tuned.  I also do not know if the next campground will have wifi.   

We had a great dinner that was catered here at the park.  It was great we came into the rec hall and it was all pretty.  table cloths, real plates, lots of forks, wine glasses (byow) It was really nice.  The dinner prime rib and lobster with soup, salad (two kinds), veggie, potatoes, blueberry pie, coffee, tea.  It was great.  Then we had a group preform for us.  They were interesting in that we could not understand them, but I could when they sang.  The music was great.  

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