Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 20 of 49

Today was a travel day.  We traveled 239 miles from Helifax to Baddeck, Nova Scotia.  It was a great trip.  The roads were really great and we had smooth sailing all the way.

The country side was mostly trees with some grassy spaces with lakes and rivers and a few towns here and there.

  Rog said it had been a long time since we have seen this sign.  This was the name of the speedway near our home in California for many years until it was turned into a strip mall I think, well was everything.

  We did not see any.  

  This is the Canso Causeway.  It is the deepest causeway in the world at 217 ft. and was opend in 1955.  It took 10 million tons of rock to build.  It also opens to water traffic, but not for us today.   

   We think these are some kind of traps (pens) for raising fish.

Here we are kayaking in Nova Scotia.  We had some others from our group out for a spin too.  They enjoyed kayaking too.  We are on a long bus tour today, but will try again this afternoon.  

   This is a view of our camp sites from the water.  This pic really does not do it justice because those red rocks are really red and the green is so green. 
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