Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 25 of 49

the next day after the ferry we wake up to the most beautiful sky.
We are parked in a huge paved area.  We have been told it was paved for truckers because of the high winds in this area.  The trucks would have to pull off and park until things were calmer.  Nice that it was very calm for all of us to be able to park here. 
Nice rainbow too. 
Newfoundland is really pretty in its own way. 
These are telephone poles notice how they are in rock boxes.  We are thinking the ground is just too wet or rock to dig deep.
It is just beautiful here.  We had to drive an extra 500+ miles to get to St Johns to where the ferry should have taken us.  So were drove 300 to get to the next campground with no wifi.  So that is the delay in the blog.
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