Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 24 of 49

We are getting things together to caravan over to the ferry about 3 miles from here.  We will all go at 10:45 to be there at 11:00 to wait until the ferry leaves at 3:30ish.  Our leader is wanting us there early so we all get on.  He has gone over to check everyday and all say we are a go.  This said we are talking about a government run operation, it was the weekend and the peeps really in the know were off, and to top it all off today is a holiday in Canada.  So we shall see.  

I know if I will have internet tonight in the wide spot in the road, but I am not sure if the next campground will have wifi.  

So I am writing this blog in the morning, so if you hear from me tonight we did not make the ferry.  

A sad note one of our travelers will not be going on with us.  They are in their 90's and Eloise fell and hurt her hip a couple of days back and it is very painful for her.  They have a daughter in New Jersey they will stop a visit on the way back home.  The daughter is a nurse for "old people" as Eloise said and is ready for the visit.  They are such a great couple and on the go with all we have been doing.  Will miss them. 

I am going to publish this early in the morning and will update if I do get wifi along the way. 

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