Monday, November 26, 2012

A walk along the Peace River

We found Florida Steve out on our walk today. 
This is the path we take on our walk.  It is so relaxing and fun.
This is another kind of woodpecker than I wrote about yesterday.  It is smaller.
spotted these butterflies along the walk.  I love the pic with the sunlight on the topside of the butterfly and me on the underside.  They have such beautiful delicate see through wings.
I am amazed and not understanding how this guy can still fly with his wings all chewed up.  He was flitting around like mad going from flower to flower like nothing was amiss.
This is a palm tree with no top and is one of the home of a nest or three of the big woodpeckers I talked about yesterday.  I did not get a pic with them there yet.
This is a pic of another "Ugly Brown Bird", named by my brother, Greg.  He is so tiny and cute, the bird I mean.
Alligator!  This is the exact same area I took pics of people hunting for fossils in the river yesterday. 
See how close the Snowy Egret is to the alligator.  

 Now I decorated my house with lights and reindeer too, but never thought of doing this.  This is the home of a hunter, no doubt.  LOL  See, Jerry you can decorate too. 

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