Saturday, November 24, 2012

Walk along Peace River

Thousand Trails Peace River is a 75-acre resort located on a preserve nestled among the woods on the outskirts of Wauchula, FL. The Peace River runs a half mile around the border of the resort and offers many things to do like canoeing, kayaking, fishing, fossil hunting in the river, nature trails and opportunities for encounters with wildlife both on land and in the water.  Picture yourself watching the clouds float peacefully by as you sip your tall glass of iced tea or other tasty beverage and lounge on the comfortable swings located on the front and back porches of the lodge.

There are plenty of things to do right here at the resort and plenty of friendly folks around to share them with.  They have a pool and spa, as well as a pickle ball court, shuffleboard courts, a bocce ball court, horseshoe pits, pool tables, a recreation hall with card tables and games, a lounge with a large screen television and comfortable furniture, and a meeting hall for live entertainment during the busy season.  Like last night they had a good band playing the night away.

Went down to the Peace River on a walk and spotted some people looking for fossils in the river.  
 The Peace River is world famous for fossils from 1 to 5 million years old.  The river cuts through deposits of land and ocean layers yielding numerous sharks’ teeth and mammal fossils like elephant, horse, giant turtle, llama, bison and other vertebrates from when Florida was under water.  Fossil hunting can be done right off the shore of the resort offering a unique historical experience. 

People come with a screen and chair and just plant themselves in a spot and sift through the river silt and sand and find themselves a fossil or two  I just have to look at the guy next to me in bed and I will find mine.  LOL That was just plain mean.  
Fall foliage in Florida.  You really have to hunt it down here.
I love these beautiful red birds.  We have only spotted one so far.  It must still be early for the migrating birds this year.
Spotted this guy really close to the cardinal.  I really heard him before I saw him.  It is the Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpeckers are 18" tall. This bird is pileated (or crested) with a large red feather spike on top of its head. Most of its food includes tree insects like carpenter ants and beetles. Sometimes it also eats fruits, nuts, and seeds. It is the largest woodpecker in Florida.  I will go back another day and try and get a better pic.  I have looked up some really interesting stuff on woodpeckers that I will share at that time too.

This is the trail we went on that follows the Peace River.  It is really a very pleasant walk.  During certain times of the year one can spot an aligator or two sunny on the bank of the river or hear the rustle of a wild pigs in the brush on the other side of the river.  

This is the Spanish moss growing on the trees on the walk.  It looks like cotton candy blowing in the breeze.  

We are heading out to do our part for "Small Business Saturday".  We are eating at Giovanni's great Italian restaurant.   We ate there last year for "Small Business Saturday".  American Express gives us $25 to patronize a small business and this restaurant is on the list.  We really love eating here too.  Would never have found it if American Express hadn't given us this deal last year too.  After dinner we are getting two movies from Red Box because Saturday TV is terrible and of course I need to get my lottery tickets, Les.  

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