Saturday, November 17, 2012


We stayed at the resort again.  We have been traveling so much this summer (for 3 months) that it is great just to stay put for a while and clean, read, and just catch up on our down time.  

I tried another recipe from the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook.  This time I tried an orange glazed chicken.  The recipe called for  skin breasts, but I purchased mine awhile back and it does not have the skin.  I think if I do it again I will get a breast with skin on because of the way they cooked theirs it would be very tasting.  They talked about a brine.  We have done pork chops with a brine and they are wonderful, so chicken has to be good too.  Their brine is salt, water and orange zest.  They said one has to grind the two ingredients  very fine so we put it in our Bullet drink preparing thingy and it did a great job.  They said it needs to be really fine for the orange flavor to penetrate the inner most parts of the meat of the chicken.  Then you make an amazing orange glaze to put over the chicken.  I just finished eating dinner and, oh my, very good.  I also prepared another wonderful apple dish for later.

We have experienced our first winter rain event in Florida.  We had wind, rain, and thunder.  It lasted about 45 minutes so now we are all clean again.  It cooled us down too.  The weather website says it is 65 out now and will be 61 at midnight.  We are suppose to have wonderful weather after this storm.

We are staying in tonight and watching The Amazing Spider-man.  We liked the first one so this one better be good too.  We like Spidy.

 We found him.

 Sad day.  

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