Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After

Well things did not turn out in the election as I had hopedWe are a great country and I hope it can make it through another four years of this president.  I am thinking we will be fine, it is the grand kids that I worry about.  I will say I am sorry to them right now for the big mess they are going to inherit unless things change big time. 

We had a cold front go through again so the temperatures went down to high of 68 low of 49 for two days and then back up to the 80's and 60's.  Those are my kind of temperatures.  With any front you will get some breezes on the back side.  We are getting gusts in the 20/ 25 mph.  Not bad at all.

The movies were good.  I did not like the alien one, but I knew that I wouldn't, but the things  I do for my man. LOL
We played a new card game and we are not liking it so will send it on to the grand kids.  I think it will be something they will like.

Well our FedEx box came today.  We read all the shipping instructions and loaded it up and sent it off today.  Hoping we get it back soon.  I am using the old computer and am remembering why we got another one.  I hate typing on it.  As a student I took typing and can, well could back then, type 45 wpm.  Not good enough to work for the government back then, but not bad.  Anyway I am typing along and all of a sudden for no reason at all I am typing on another line in the text or my curser is no where to be seen. 

We ate another great meal tonight.  No, I did not cook.  We ate one the meals we got at Olive Garden.  Remember, you eat one meal there and take one meal home.  We had spaghetti and salad.  We have one more meal to go.  So, we ate out and had three dinners and one lunch for $26.59 not bad.

We headed to the rec hall to play bingo tonight.  Wow! they have really upgraded the place.  It is computerized, there are tvs to show you the number before it is called and a big lit up board that tells you the numbers called, it also tells what design to be covered on your card, the number of the game, and the amount you will win on that game.  They also have a sheet that tells you what game cards are next and so forth and so on.  It is really up town.  We did not win, of course.  But, I will be going more because it was fun.  

 I have always felt this way.  Our society has always gotten things of important backwards.  

 Ann and Greg I was thinking that Katy could have her puppy and the chickens could take care of it while she was at school and at night.  LOL

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