Monday, November 19, 2012

Peace River

This morning we got up and started packing again.  We have been here long enough I thought I might have forgotten where stuff went.  Not so much I guess it is like riding a bike you just know.  It did not take us long either.  In fact we are finding that it doesn't matter when we start getting ready to go we always manage to leave around 9:30.  
The drive down here was easy.  There was road construction, but nothing that caused problems.  In fact they are almost done and it looks really great and drives great too.  

 We have relocated to Peace River Thousand Trails in Wauchula, Florida about 70 miles north of Clermont our last location.  We are here for two weeks then we will go back to Clermont for three weeks, I think.  I looked at the happenings in the resort and well there are none really.  Nothing like Clermont where things were happening almost everyday.  I will miss my Bingo and they always had a group or person come on Friday nights to entertain.  We will have to learn to play with each other again. LOL  

As you can see we are all setup ready for liven.    The resort is not very full.  We thought by now it would be packed.  They say the peek time is January and February.  Last year I thought they had more people here at this time, but maybe I don't remember right. LOL

Here is some history of the area
Wauchula is a city located in Florida and has an a population of   4,441.
It is the county seat.] Wauchula has been called the "Cucumber Capital of the World", although citrus has become a more important agricultural crop over the past few decades.

Baby Swap
In 1978, Wauchula was the location of the "Baby Swap", which took place at Hardee Memorial Hospital, where the babies Arline Twigg and Kimberly Mays were switched and sent home with the wrong parents. (This event was documented in the book The Baby Swap Conspiracy by Loretta Noble, and in the 1991 a made for TV movie Switched at Birth.
Barbara Coker Mays, the natural mother of Arlena Twigg, who died from a congenital heart defect on August 23, 1988, was a member of one of Hardee county's prominent families, the Cokers. Bryant Coker was involved in the building and financing of the hospital, and had a commemorative plaque at Hardee Memorial; H L Coker was on the board of trustees. Hardee Memorial, a modern, beige two-story building, served the area until July 1992, when it declared bankruptcy due to the legal battle over the baby swap case and closed its doors, according to Schwartz-Nobel. It is now served by the Florida Hospital.

Hurricane Charley

Hurrican Charley hit Wauchula at  5:30 on Friday, August 13, 2004, causing more than $750 million in damage. Sustained winds of 140 mph, with gusts of over 160 mph, were clocked in downtown Wauchula. The entire area had either no running water, or contaminated water for one week. Power was lost to many sections for nearly three weeks, with school canceled for two weeks. The area was declared a federal disasterarea after 85% of buildings were either damaged or destroyed.

More interesting stuff.  My feeling is that back in the day when unions were first conceived they where needed and good, but today they have mutated into organizations that exist to keep it's management employed at a high rate of pay, not to help the people they claim to represent.  I was once a member of a union and was very disappointed in it. 

Hostess and the Union
Greg Rayburn, CEO of Hostess voluntarily cut his own salary to $1/yr. The Bakers union was unwilling to take an 8% cut even while the Teamsters union and other Hostess employees took voluntary cuts to save the company. Look who's running the Bakers' union which just bankrupted Hostess and got 16,500 workers fired! These are the ACTUAL top salaries of the Baker's union. These folks won't be out of a job or have a lower salary.....But But But they swear it was "those greedy owners."

Overall Political Contributions to: Democrats: $1,474,204.00 (99.73 %) Republicans: $4,000.00 (.27 %) You can verify at
The Bakers' union decided it would be better to take a 100% pay cut for 16,500 workers instead of a 8% pay cut. They wanted $50,000 a yr while Greg Rayburn, CEO of Hostess voluntarily cut his own salary to $1/yr. The Bakers union was unwilling to take an 8% cut even while the Teamsters union and other Hostess employees took voluntary cuts to save the company. http://www.huffingtonpo/ edium=twitter

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