Sunday, November 11, 2012

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 We stayed home again.  It is fun just lazying around resting and  reading and knitting and resting.  

Told you about the movie we got last night, Thin Ice.  It was called a comedy/ drama and to tell you the truth I could not find the comedy or drama.  It was very boring, do not get.

Rog fixed Chile today.  I love his Chile.  I was his Sou Chef today.  That got me thinking just what is a Sou Chef so I went on line and this is what I came up with.

A Sou Chef is second in command after the Chef in a kitchen. This means I answer to the chef, but I also have some authority over the other kitchen staff.  Since there are no others, accept Merry constantly under foot cleaning up the droppings,  I am in charge of no one.  This also means that since there are no others, I am in charge of all of those jobs too, like keeping the work station clean, washing the dishes, sitting the table, sweeping and scrubbing the floor, all of it.   

 Sous is French for under, so you can see how the sous chef would work directly under the leader of the kitchen.

If the Chef is unavailable or off for the night, watching golf on TV, or just does not want to cook the sous chef is in command (which means has to do it all), and the kitchen staff is expected to offer the same respect to me as they would to the boss, that is if I had any staff.  Oftentimes, a Sous Chef will work in the role for several years with the goal to move on to become a Chef. In this way, the role is considered practical training.  Right

What Does a Sous Chef Do?

It’s important that a sous chef be intimately familiar with all the activities of the kitchen and be prepared to do them in a pinch. He or she will prepare and cook food, and know all styles of cooking done in that kitchen, including such skills as French, Italian, and Fusion cooking. The Sous Chef is also responsible for overseeing the kitchen staff, which may involve scheduling or dealing with personnel conflict.  Maybe I am lucky because I do not have those problems to deal with.
 The Sous Chef of a kitchen will also make sure that the food the kitchen is using is of top quality.

 Being a Sous Chef is not an easy job. During mealtimes, it’s important for me to be quick on my feet and be able to make smart decisions instantly. I often work for long hours with little of the overall credit, but creativity will be the element that helps me shine on the way to becoming chef.
 To succeed, a Sous Chef should lead by example, keeping stations clean, preparing foods properly, and cooperating with others. I should make decisions that get the best out of every situation. A Sous Chef should have respect for the Chef, and value the Chef’s decisions at all times. This is the hardest part of  my job. That being said, the Sous Chef should not be afraid to offer suggestions or creative ideas that can improve upon the meal.

 The sous chef is the chef when he's absent. The sous chef is the chef when he's hungover from the night before. The sous chef is the seer of all things, taster of all, recipient of all blame, babysitter, mother and father of all cooks, orderer of all goods, trainer of all below and herder of all above in rank.

 Needless to say I am tired.  LOL

This is our friend Sally's and her six pack (yes 6 dogs) home away from home.  She just got a new jeep, stale air in those tires will not do at all.  LOL

She also recently acquired a new cute little ride.  She uses it around the resorts and campground to haul a couple dogs at a time around so they don't get tired I guess.

 Here she is all hooked up.  Looking really smart there girlfriend.  

 Not so smart after all. 

 This could happen in Montana soon.

 There may be a problem this year and the Big Guy might not be able to deliever those gifts.


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