Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just another lazy day in Florida


Again we just hung around thee ole resort and did some cleaning and lounging and swimming.  We did go to the bank because we sent for our mail and had a small check to deposit and knowing us old heads we would forget where we put it and that is not good.   So we headed out and made a day of it trying to find our bank.  We did go to Sam's too.  And of course we bought way more stuff of stuff we really didn't need anyway, but just could not do without. lol 

They are having site sales here, we do not have yards here so we call them other things.  So I am going to try and sell some more of my knitting stuff and other things.  At the rally in Branson, Mo.  I sold a few things so thought I would try again.  With it close to Christmas and all maybe things will sell.   

Then on Sundays they have craft, or as Rog calls them "crap", sales in the recreation hall.  I thought I would see how things go there too.  

We are planning a trip to Dayton tomorrow to the Sam's RV Rally.  I am really not sure why, but what else is there to do?

Nothing exciting or other wise today so will post some cartoons I found in cyber space. 

Can't we just hear Sheldon and Penny singing this.

 Only a mom would set the record this straight.

Sheldon would be so proud don't you know.


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