Wednesday, October 31, 2012

park repairs/crane/tortoise

This is the best jack-o-lantern ever!!!!

Today I was out and about and saw the work they are doing here at the park.  They are working on the rv sites.  They are adding fill, leveling and packing it down on some of the sites here.  They are looking really good.
You can see a red mower, in the background running around keeping the grass clipped too. 
Our local Sand Crane spreading his wing.
They eat insects.  They are constantly drilling their long beaks into the sand looking for those yummy bugs.
I guess this witch was flying without lights or drinking a bit much. lol
This is a tortoise nest.  They fence them off in the park so we know where they are and will not to disturb them.  I was watching him travel across the grass and he was in the hole before I could get my camera and out the door.  I'm saying he is really fast, not that I am really slow. lol
Look really close and you can see him inside in the dark.

I must get my Halloween jokes in tonight


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