Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Branson, Mo Mega Rally

We arrived in Branson after lunch.  We are in Branson, Mo attending an Adventure Caravans Mega Rally. The campground escorted us to our place which is really nice with a grass area for the dogs, trees, two picnic tables for guests, and all the other stuff for your rv.  We placed the jacks down, slid the rooms out, and plugged in. Quickly took the dogs out and headed over to the check in area.  We turned in essential paper work and signed in.  They gave us a welcome packet with all the information we will need for the rally, a blanket,  and a $50 gift card for the rally store.  I got a very nice hoodie and Rog got an orange, yes orange polo shirt.  We signed up for craft classes, games, dinners, and other stuff.  Then we visited with the peeps and had a nice time.  We came in a day early so we did not have to worry about the time traveling and all.  Now tomorrow is the official start of the rally and the fun begins.  

What is an RV Rally?
A gathering a Rvers - who meet at a fixed location to participate in a popular area, event or happening.  The rendezvous park will be used as our 'hub' (homebase) holding various activities and events.  From the 'hub' we will venture to the surrounding area to enjoy attractions and events related to the theme and culture of the rally location.  Once the rally begins all necessary transportation for tours events and activities is per-arranged.  Guided motorcoach tours, and showboat fun. 

I will be out and about tomorrow taking pictures to share with you.

Try this it is fun

 Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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