Saturday, October 20, 2012

All of Mississippi and some Alabama

The skyline of Mobile, Alabama.  
We got up this morning early and headed down the road.  We traveled Mississippi on an angle, going from the northwest corner in Lexington to the southeast corner at the Gulf of Mexico.  We then took I 10 into AlabamaWe were on the road for 7 hours.  That is not what I call fun, but needs to be done to get from one places to another in a timely manner. 
We hit I 10 in Alabama at Mobile.  You can see the skyline and as the road curves.  The road seams to disappear as it curves, this is because the road is curving and descending at the same time into a tunnel.  The tunnel is going down into the water.
We are coming up out of the tunnel here.  As you travel in the tunnel it slopes a lot making a "U" shape if you will.  Not sure why this underwater tunnel since it leads you onto a bridge that goes for miles. 
We are seeing daylight and it is the end of the tunnel this time. lol
Then we travel miles on a bridge or bridges.  You see water forever.  The Gulf of Mexico to be exact.
This is a battleship at a park along the Gulf shore.
More bridge.
birds all over the place.  The water is very shallow.  You can see the bottom on most of the trip across the bridge.  The birds are lunching up on all kinds of fishes.   These birds are Pelicans. 

As we were traveling coming at us on I 10 we saw about 5 of these big thingys.  We do not know what they are.

This is where we hung our hat for the night in Mobile, Alabama.   It is a pretty park.  We had called ahead to make sure they had a space for us.  No problem with that.  When we got close the guy was out on the road to guide us in to our space. 

We decided to go out for shrimp dinner.  Rog asked the people that live here where is the best place.  They recommended the Shrimp Basket.  Last year when we traveled through here we ate at the Shrimp Basket.  They have the best shrimp ever still. This is one of the street corners in one of the small towns along the gulf coast we travel through to get to the shrimp dinner.  

could be people if something is not done soon.   

It is getting close to that time.

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