Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 11 of 11 Branson/Arkansas

We got up and headed to the convention center at the park and had a big farewell breakfast this morning and said goodby to some new friends. While here we booked a trip to the Maritime  Provinces, a wonderful 49 day trip into Canada's New Brunswick, Prince Edwards Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Quebec.  That trip is this coming summer.  We are also planning on meeting 8 rigs from our Alaska trip in Maine at this same time.  So we will leave from that reunion to this wonderful trip.  Fun, fun fun.
We left Branson, Mo and came back to our friend's home to park for the night in Arkansas.  It was great seeing Sally again.  She suggested a great place to eat in Jasper, Arkansas not too far from her home.  This very little town is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.  This pic with the Teddy Bears swinging from the ceiling was taken inside the restaurant.  We each had a different kind of hamberger and they were all good.   We left and headed back to Sally's home.  The leaves have turned colors and it was the most beautiful drive ever.  Well I have no pics because Sally was moving out and they we just a blur of colors.

So to make up for not allowing me to get any good fall leaves pics in the Ozarks Sally took us to a cemetery.  Yes! that's right.   

 This is called the Maple Cemetery and you can see why.  This cemetery is written up in newspapers and magazines because of the fall colors here.  It was the most beautiful sight.  I have a few pics for our eyes to enjoy
Oh yes, Sally is getting a new Jeep tomorrow.  I guess the air in the tires of this one are stale. lol  So we took a pic to say good-by to the old new car.
Here is Rog almost camouflaged in the fall colors.  We are off tomorrow working our way slowly to Florida
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