Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 9 of 11 in Branson

This is us leaving for a show this morning.  Today I was abruptly awaken by lighting and thunder, the things I love most, not.  It has been raining off and on and sometimes quite hard all morning now.  We got on the tour bus for our morning show.  We saw the George Dryer Show.  What a wonderful tenor singer.  He also had his daughters, wife and son sang, wow what talent in that family too. 
George Dryer
Christina Dryer, daughter
Us after the show in the ice cream shop.

We come back to the rv for 3 hours then headed to the tour bus for another trip.  This time we are heading for the Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise.  We had a great dinner and wonderful show. 
 Here is the Branson Belle

America's largest ship built on a landlocked lake

In 1993, Silver Dollar City set out to develop a unique lake attraction, themed after the majestic showboats of the 1800s that brought culture and entertainment to towns along the rivers of America.
The Showboat Branson Belle was constructed right here at White River Landing, and on August 12, 1994, was launched into the waters of Table Rock Lake as part of the nationally publicized Great Banana Launch Watch Party. Two tons of bananas packed the launching rails to provide a biodegradable, natural lubricant in place of substances such as grease or oil. Thus, while preserving the water quality of Table Rock Lake , the 2300 ton ship was able to glide into the water in only 9 seconds - at a speed of 14 knots.
 We are out on the deck after dinner.

 A violinist that could wind herself up with this ribbon rope and then play the violin up in the air.  She was fabulous playing it on the stage now we see here in the air.
 Rog and I were sitting the second row from the front and one and two on the end.  I made sure I sat on the inside so I would not be picked for any on stage fun.  Well my plan did not work and up I went on the stage.  The group of five young really nice looking and great singing guys picked me and sang me love songs.  I can not remember what love songs though. LOL   I had a great time and glad I went up. 

Had a wonderful time with my guys.  LOL
We get back to the rv park and we had 30 minutes to do whatever you can do in 30 minutes and then to the convention center here at the park for another show.  It was Matt Gum.  We saw him at the Clay Cooper show the other night.  He was here to preform a private show for us.  
the young Matt Gum now you see the.......

the old Matt. 
He was wonderful tonight. 

Matt even brought his horse to entertain us.  What a wonderful comedy routine.

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