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 We did not go anywhere or do anything of interest so I have no pics of interest either.  lol  But, while we are traveling along we are noticing the high gas prices and the even higher diesel prices.  This difference in price is between 40 and 60 cents per gallon.  This could really start cutting into our lives soon.  So I was wondering out loud while on the road if we should look into trading our diesel for a gas motorhome.   Rog knew the answer right away because he researched this kind of question before we purchased our diesel rig.  Well I was thinking maybe the price difference had reached critical mass and it was time to rethink stuff.  

So today I went online and googled  it and came up with the following information.

I think by now most realize that the basic diesel engine is a more efficient power plant that the conventional gasoline engine. I won't go into the technical details here, but suffice it to say that just buying a motorhome or an RV with a diesel engine can boost your rv gas mileage by 10% - 20%. How many miles per gallon can you expect from diesel motorhomes? For a mid-sized diesel motorhome you can reasonably expect 10 - 15 miles per gallon.

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So now that I know we did right and there is no new RV in my future I thought I would get information on saving as much fuel as we can.
You have probably heard the first way to save on your RV fuel costs already. It is the same thing that you can do to save on fuel for your car. Slow down. By lowering your speed limit only 10 mph from 65 to 55, you can get around 40 percent better RV fuel economy. To put it in number terms-if you are getting 8 miles per gallon going 65 miles per hour, then you can get 12 miles per gallon going 55 miles per hour. Is that kind of RV fuel savings worth it to you? Just stay in the slower far right lane and pull to the side when traffic backs up behind you if possible and you will avoid upsetting other drivers as well.
Diesel fuel used to be a less expensive alternative to regular fuel, but this is no longer the case. However, the engine on a diesel pusher is more efficient so it may get better fuel economy than a gas powered RV of the same size.

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Expensive RV Marchi
The Most Expensive RV in the World.

An Austrian based company Marchi Mobile GmbH, makes what appears to be one of the most expensive motor homes in the world. $3,000,000 gets you the latest in automotive technologies and creature comforts.

 Anything that increases airflow through the engine of a modern, turbocharged diesel engine also improves its fuel economy. Some diesel RV owners have cotton fiber air filters installed for this reason. Check tire pressure prior to taking trips, as the correct pressure will improve fuel economy. Using cruise control can also increase the number of miles per gallon of diesel burned.

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So there is information for you to ponder.  
Now that fuel is not the reason for a new RV I was thinking we are not big enough.  So I will google bigger and better and see what I get.  LOL  

No new are RV here. 

Aren't computers wonderful.


This cartoon is funny not that I have been drunk and driven anywhere.


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