Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 7 of 11 Branson

Up and at it again.  Breakfast and then line dancing again.  We practiced the two dances we learned yesterday and Kay added another waltz type dance today.  Quite a work out.

Then the ladies headed to the RV workshop for Ladies Only to learn about our rigs.  I am not to keen on this one because I like that Rog is the one in charge of that department of rving.  I went because I wanted to see DaVi  Da our teacher.   She (?) was a hoot and did a great job. Note: his own hair.  Must note that when we went outside for a demonstration non Adventure Caravan people did not even look twice, he was made up that good.

The demonstration was airbags.  He took one outside and triggered it to go off so we could see the power of the airbags when deployed.  It was very enlightening  

One of the staff was very interested in a dulcimer, so I invited her over to see and play one of mine.  It was fun sitting with my dulcimer on my lap again.  I am going to make a real effort to practice again when we go back to Florida.

After lunch we boarded the tour bus again and went to the  Yakov Smirnoff Show. he was really funny.  Yakov's authentic Russian Dance Troupe is thrilling as they leap and spin on stage. Yakov also uses wit to comment on the dynamics between men and women. He's even earned his master's degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. During his show, Professor Smirnoff provides humorous insight on the indisputable differences between the genders and shows us "Love and Laughter" go hand in hand!

Smirnoff is also a painter and has frequently featured the Statue of Liberty in his art since receiving his U.S. citizenship.  On the night of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, he started a painting inspired by his feelings about the event, based on an image of the Statue of Liberty. Just prior to the first anniversary of the attacks, he transformed his painting into a large mural. Its dimensions were 200 feet by 135 feet.
The mural, titled "America's Heart," is a  pointillist-style  piece, with one brush-stroke for each victim of the attacks. The mural was placed on a damaged skyscraper overlooking the ruins of the World Trade Center. The mural remained there until November 2003, when it was removed because of storm damage. Various pieces of the mural can now be seen on display at his theater in Branson Missouri.
The only stipulation he put on the hanging of the mural was that his name not be listed as the painter. He signed it: "The human spirit is not measured by the size of the act, but by the size of the heart."

Tonight we went to a wonderful family show called the Presleys.  The Presleys are an Ozark’s family who played the underground stages of the Missouri hills. Folks from all over would pack the caves to hear their legendary family performances.
So many, in fact, the caverns couldn’t hold’em anymore.
So the Presleys left the caves and bought themselves a piece of land out on an isolated two-lane stretch of asphalt just outside of town. Wasn’t long after that
when their show opened in a brand new theater.

It was Branson’s original country music theater. The Presleys were a smash hit. People from across the country lined up every night for a chance to hear the country and gospel music the Presley family loved to perform.
Pretty soon, other theaters started popping up around the Presleys.
The years passed and Hwy. 76 became a glittering mecca of
country music stars.
And smack dab in the middle of it all,
from the very start, were the Presleys.

We need to rest up for tomorrow another day of fun.  Don't know how much more of all this fun I can take.  LOL

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