Friday, October 26, 2012


We moved to a new location today.  We are here because we came into Florida a couple of days ahead of the plans we made a couple three months ago.  No big deal you just stay other places and see other things for a while.  
 We traveled the road less traveled and you see some amazing things.  I can not remember the name of the small town we are driving through where I took this beautiful pic.  The road was slow going, but we do that anyway.  There was not much traffic at all and no big rigs wanting to move out because let's face it they are trying to make a living out there.  

This is our new home until Monday.  We are at Bee's RV Resort just north of the Thousand Trails resort we usually stay.  

  This is the site just across the road from us.  When you are members you get the prim-o sites.  As you can see they have a lake.  Well in Florida there are lakes everywhere.  I do mean everywhere.

We have never stayed here before.  When we stay in our resort,Thousand Trails, Clermont we hear people talking about places they stay on their out times and this is one of the places they go.  We are not members of this place so we go in on our Coast-to-Coast membership for a very reduced price.  Usually we go about 70 miles south to another Thousand Trails resort for our out time.  That is one of our parks and it costs us nothing to stay.  But, like I mentioned we are a little ahead of ourselves so we are here until Monday then we move to the Clermont resort for 3 weeks.  Wow, that will seem like forever to us.  

I needed to get my prescription filled and the last dr. renewed it for the last time without me seeing him again.  Well, I did not really like him, could not understand him because of his accent and did not want to see him again so I thought I would try urgent care and see what would happen.  Well, long story short I got me a new prescription.  Urgent care is the best and cost so much less and I can understand the doc!!!!! 

Wow!! what a novel idea.  Not wait until it is passed and then maybe read it.  In the mean time we are stuck with some really really bad laws and bullsh*t to quote our "presidential" president.  What a wonderful representative of our great country.???

 One has to wonder if this isn't how it is done.

 Hummmmm  I just can't get my head around this.


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