Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another work day.

We had another busy work day at Sally's place.  She has an rv too.  Let me go back a bit in time and tell you how we met Sally.  We went to Alaska last summer for 58 days.  We went with a group of people.  Kind of like a cruise thing, but we all took our rvs.  It was a great trip and we met some really nice people and Sally was one of those nice people.  It is great that we keep in touch with so many of the people on that trip.  We met three other couples in Florida last winter.  And we are planning a trip to Maine where another couple from this same trip is setting up an "Alaska reunion" in July and 8 of the rvers are going to be there.  Well that is the story of how we met Sally.  She is the neatest lady and so very funny and generous.  She let us park in her driveway and she has shown us the best time ever.  

Now to the days events.  Sally has an rv and when she is home she washes and waxes and cleans it up real pretty and then covers it.  To make sure the cover stays in place she needed to secure it.  So on one side of the rv she placed eye bolts to tie the straps to the cover down and on the other side she secured the straps by placing cement blocks  on top of them.  Rog suggested she place eye bolts on that side too.  Sally was not sure how to do that so Rog said he would advise her on the installation of said bolts.  So over to the store and back with all the stuff for the job.  So Rog came with the proper advisory wear to help when needed.
Sally needed to drill holes in the concert slab to place the eye bolts.
She needed to vacuum up the cement dust and make sure the drilled hole is clean.
She then places the anchors for the eye bolts into the drilled holes.
The next step is setting the anchor with a setting tool and a hammer.  She will be using that same hammer later.
The last step in this process is to screw the eye bolt into the anchor.  This process was done three more times.
She is having some difficulty turning off the vacuum so she is using the "bigger hammer" theory to fix her problem.  All I have to say on the subject is the 10% rule.  This a military rule that our son told us.  You have to be 10% smarter than what ever you are working with in order for things to work out correctly.  Obviously there is a big problem here.
Sally is really putting her back into this one.  This is the last hole she will need to drill and the job will be complete.  Notice in the pic you see a nice soft mat for Sally to rest her knees on.  Her adviser finally thought of it on the last one.
The adviser doing what advisers do best. 
Great job Sally.
Well Sally is not the only one working around here.  I decided to replant my herb garden.  I needed to put light weight stuff in the bottom for drainage and to lessen the weight.  So I took all the plants and soil out and place light weight stuff in.
Then I replanted basal and oregano.
Job done.
These are the cement blocks Sally used to hold down the straps to the rv cover.  She now has great new eye bolts so these are not needed anymore.
Rog is helping load up and look at those muscles.
After all the working she still had the energy to prepare us a great meal.  I am only showing you this pic because of the neat tool used to turn steaks over.  It has nothing to do with the steaks and baked potatoes we had for dinner.  LOL

This is our last day with Sally and we will be moving on.  It has been so much fun and so great to see Sally and her six pack again.  We are hoping to see her many times in the years to come.  We will be traveling this great country as she will be and we hope those travels happen to cross many times.  
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