Monday, October 22, 2012

Got up later than usual.  I was a bit confused because we are on the west coast of Florida, but the sun was coming up on the Gulf of Mexico side which is west not east.  So happens we were staying on a jag of the coast that has us facing east on the west coast.  I know I am a bit confused still too.  It was beautiful and as we drove this whole coast east/west thing got straightened out.  lol 
We are finally heading South.  We are out in the country most of the way on this part of the trip.  The gulf is not too far to our west, maybe 20 miles at the most. 
Going over more bridges because we are so close to the shore line.
We saw these big cranes from quite the distance away. We were thinking this can only mean delays, but not so much, not any. 
 They are working on a new bridge, so we are traveling over the temporary one. hummmmm  I do not know if I have every been on a temporary bridge before.  It reminded us of the Mackinaw Bridge in Wisconsin in that it was an open grid type of roadway.
Love the name of this road.
We are home for 4 days away.  I am looking forward to a three week stay soon.  This resort is called Crystal Isles RV Resort.  As you can see we are parked on the shore of one of the lakes in the park.  On the west side of the park is a canal that goes into Crystal River, which in turn goes into the Gulf of Mexico.
There looks to be 250+ sites in this park.  They also have a swimming pool, which we have not checked out yet.  I am hoping it is heated.  I do know they have a heated spa which we will check out.  We are also going to look into the many things to do in the area.  Interesting for some folks the elevation at our last stop was 10 ft and here it is 7 ft. 

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