Monday, October 1, 2012

A working day

We decided that today we would stay put and do some repairs, cleaning and painted on our rigs.  After a quick run to the store for needed supplies, we each tackled the tasks at hand.  

 Sally had a water leak in her rig and she asked Rog for some advise on how to repair it.  She made it understood she wanted to learn how to do the repairs and wanted Rog to work in an advisory position only.
 The first thing that needed to be done was remove the bad spot.  This meant a cut had to be done.  So her adviser advised where to cut.   This first step was the hardest (but Sally the brave gal that she is) knew there was no other way.  Cuts completed, she moves on to the next step.

The next step is to place the new fitting inside the plastic water pipe.  This has turned out to be a little more difficult than first thought.  So her adviser advised her to use a bigger hammer or in this case a bigger vise grip to force the issue.  This still did not work so..
 The adviser is showing the correct technique for the "bigger hammer" method for repair jobs. 

   her adviser's wife suggested she use heat to soften the plastic.  A hair dryer was the perfect tool for the job.
Job is complete and the fix is holding at maximum water pressure.
We stayed in the rig and talked a bit to kill time to see if it was going to leak.  Sally gives it a thumbs up so we know we are a go and all it good. Job well done Sally, adviser and adviser's wife.

 Rog decided to wash the car and make it shiny.  So he grabbed his wash bucket, scrub cloth, drying towels, and wife and got the job done in no time a all.

The way I remember the story is that Sally and a tree had a misunderstanding and we have some small stratches, tiny stratches, but if you know Sally the whole side of her rig is gone, destroyed and she needs a new rig.  So Rog tells here about the time he had a misunderstanding with some bushes in a parking lot and how he was able to buff  out the scratches with some magic compound and a buffer.  So Sally was willing to give it a try before doing anything rash.  
 Hard at work with the buffer.

Scratches all gone and another happy Sally with a job well done.  By the way she decided to keep her rig after all.  LOL

Here I am painting the tow bar that goes on the car to make it look like new.  This job needs to be completed tomorrow because the paint was not dry and we need to flip the metal to paint on the reverse side.  We all worked hard today.  

Always look forward.
Love this cartoon.

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