Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 4 of 11 Branson Mega Rally

Got up and got my coffee and pancakes and had some wonderful laughs with the peeps.  Then we were wowed and inspired by a couple called the Rivoli Revue Gospel Service.  They were uplifting, featured music, scripture and inspirational speaking. 
 After the services they sit up for the Flea Market.  I had my table ready for me when I came.  I sold knit hats, dish cloths, potholders and scarves.   And I also sold knitted Christmas tree ornaments. This is my first flea market as a seller and I did sell a few things. Not bad.
The artist of the babies Donna Kohn.  She is very talented.  The pics below show you the baby they are unbelievable. They are pieces of art.
This is Donna's card in case you want to order your very own baby.
It is amazing the different art crafts that people bring.  This one lady was selling baby dolls that looked so real it made you look twice.  She can even personalize the face of the little ones to maybe your own child.  Oh that is creepy to me.  She sells them for $350.00.  They are wonderful.  She donated a little boy for the auction.  The money went to a camp for kids that have cancer.  So nice.
Another lady draws and paints pictures and has turned some of her bigger pieces of art into cards. 
This is Barbara Collins and her husband.  She is the artist that created the beautiful cards.
Barbara has a business card too.  Now you can order her wonderful art work yourself.
This couple lives in New Hampshire and tap the maple trees on their property and make really delicious maple syrup.  \

After the Flea Market we had an ice cream social, yummmmm
After the ice cream they held a live auction.  Most of the money raised was for charities.  It was so much fun.  Our auctioneer was so fun and funny.  

The evening entertainment was a group that came to the park.  They were the  #1 Hits of the 60's  Again a very talented group.  
/The girls convinced the owner of Adventure Caravans to join them on stage.  They turned him back into a hippy and did a little dance step too.  Great job Ron.   

 Tomorrow is another busy day.  We are going to be on the tour bus and going to 3 places, lunch and shows.  We will be back home at 11pm. Hang on and have fun.

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