Friday, October 19, 2012

Trip through Arkansas, Louisiana, into Mississippi

 We headed out this morning leaving the diamonds behind for others to find.  On our way out we spotted this small herd of deer.  They are much darker than any deer we have seen before. 

We left early and traveled back roads in Arkansas heading for Louisiana.  Here we are passing the border into Louisiana. 
We also traveled back roads most of the way in Louisiana until we got to I 20.  We traveled I 20 to the Mississippi border.  This is a pic of us approaching the Might Mississippi River and the border. 
Mississippi River
I was so busy taking pics of the river I forgot to look on the bridge for the Mississippi state line sign.  So must settle for the welcome center off ramp sign.  Sad of me. 
The trip was uneventful and well, just plain dull. I like dull sometimes.  We traveled around 6 hours today.  That is too much for me in one day.  Our goal this trip is Florida.  We are planning on staying in Crystal River, Florida for 4 days  We will be getting in there on Monday the 22nd and check out on Friday the 26thAfter this we are heading for the Orlando area to stay for three weeks.  We are looking forward to staying put for awhile.  We have had a great time on this outing and looking forward to planning the next.  
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