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Branson Day 3 of 11

As promised more on the College of the Ozarks
College of the Ozarks is a private, Christian liberal arts college near Branson on a 1,000-acre  campus. The college has an enrollment of 1,500, over 30 academic majors, and degrees in Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.
The College charges no tuition for full-time students, due to its student work program and donations. The program requires students to work 15 hours a week at an on-campus work station and two 40-hour work weeks during breaks. A summer work program is available to cover room and board costs. The college refers to itself as "Hard Work U.", and places emphasis in character education. Its mission since its establishment in 1906 is "to provide the advantages of a Christian education for youth of both sexes, especially those found worthy, but who are without sufficient means to procure such training."
They have milk cows, gardens, culinary school and etc.  They have a kitchen we toured that cooks and ships out fruitcakes.  We got samples and they were really great.  They make so much right there on campus.  They even staff their own hospital with students.   I'm guessing the doctors and nurses are the real thing and they are training the students LOL

Day 3 we woke up and out to the bus by 9:30 am.  We are off to see the  Doug Gabriel Show.  He is Bransons most awarded entertainer.  Bransons Best Morning Show six years in a row. Male vocalist of the year in Branson for 8 years and Entertainer of the Year.   He showed us and preformed on the first guitar his father got him. Dad made the guitar out of a muffler from a 1969 Ford Thunderbird and it sounded great.  He also preforms with his wife. 2 sons, and daughter.

During the show they bring an audience member up on stage to "help out".   This is Hex our Rally Master playing the part of Elvis for this song.  He was to wear the Elvis wig-mask and scarf and on cue say "I'm all shook up" and shake.  He did a great job.  Elvis has left the building.
As we were leaving the wife was at our exit shaking hands.  So we stopped and got our pic taken.
Doug came on board the bus and talked with us.  We needed to get back to our rvs to eat lunch and his show went a bit long or he would have stayed longer and talked to us more.
We had 40 minutes to get lunch, eat, and walk the dogs. Then we headed off to the Mel Tillis show.  Mel is a Grand Ole Opry Member and Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee.  He also is a songwriter. What a showman and professional this guy is.  He turned 80 this year.  His band that he has some have been with him 42 years I think the youngest was 33 years.  He told some really funny stories and sang many of his hits.  It was a great show. 
Mel has 5 girls and 1 boy and his son came in from Tennessee to preform with his dad.  He writes songs and does a great job of singing too.  He has a vineyard in Tennessee.  Branson had a tornado go through town in May of this year and tore up the place.  So some of the theaters were destroyed and had to cancel on the caravan people, so Mel's show was one show that was a replacement and boy were we glad.

The Haygoods Are:

-- Age 34, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Vocals
-- Age 31, Piano, Drums, Vocals
-- Age 29, Sax, Violin, Vocals
-- Age 26, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Vocals
- Age 24, Bass, Vocals
-- Age 20, Harp, Violin, Sax, Piano, Vocals

Quick Facts:

5 brothers 1 sister.
20 plus years playing music together.
10,000 concerts for over 5,000,000 people.
Owners and operators of their own 4 million dollar theatre complex.

The music of The Haygoods is heavily influenced by their backwoods Americana country rock music roots that honors that tradition, but most definitely doesn’t stop there. The group embraces elements of Rock and Pop with clean harmonies that have been honed tight over the years. The history of the group has a lot to do with the themes of struggle, hope, love, unstoppable enthusiasm for life and the yearning for simplicity their music and lyrics talk about. 

This was the last show we went to today.  It was up beat and very energetic and well done.   
Here is "Banjo Boy"  He is trying to start a movement to make the banjo the musical instrument of 2012.  Judging from tonights performance and reception the movement is off to a great start.  The pic is a bit fuzzy but you needed to see him come in on his power pack trying win support for the banjo.
They said mom duct taped cans on the bottoms of their cowboy boots because they could not afford tap shoes.  They did a great job on the dance.
All the shows are so good and so different.  I guess they need to be to draw crowds to their shows.  It is fun for us.  Tomorrow we are staying at the campground and will be doing activities there.  In the morning a gospel  service by a group here and at night  #1 Hits of the 60"s is a show that will come to the campground and do their show here. 
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