Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 5 of 11 Branson

Today our day started at 9:45am with a trip to the Branson Mill.  The Branson Mill Craft Village is a 60,000 square foot specialty retail shopping center and working craft village combined.
 They had so many things for you to buy and watch the crafters were there working and showing us all about their trade.  They had homemade soaps. a loomer, woodworking, (pens and dulcimers), painters (on slate, wood, canvas, gourdes), and metal work just to mention a few.

We then left for lunch at the Golden Coral and see the Barbara Fairchild show.  She is the singer that came out with Teddy Bear way back when.  It was a great show.  Then we got back on the tour bus and headed for the SIX another wonderful show.  

SIX are six real brothers. They actually come from a family of ten brothers, no sisters and are the six oldest in the family.
They have most ingenious way of introducing themselves of all the shows we have been to so far.  
They preform cappella (just voices).  This means they preform with no musical instruments, but you would never know it.  Man are they good. 



These are their corvettes.  They are color coded and they park them in front of the theater when they are preforming.  It is quite the sight in its self.  So far all the performers come on the bus after the show and thank us for coming. It is a very nice personal touch.

This is Rog, Me. Roy, Patty, and Don.  Roy and  went to Alaska with us summer of 2011 and just happen to be in Branson and found us.  Wow what fun to see them again.  

Boarded the tour bus to go to the Clay Cooper Show tonight.  What a great performance again.  The shows are all so different and great.  Loving it.  After the show Clay and members of the show treated us to dessert and visited with us. 

Clay Cooper has been performing for Branson audiences since the age of 16, originally coming to Branson to perform with a kid’s band known as the Texas Goldminors.
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