Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 10 of 11 Branson

No thunder and lightning last night or this morning, but Maggie wanted out at 3:30 am.  There is almost always something so we can not sleep through the night.  

We will get coffee and breakfast, then line dancing for me.  Rog is going to the store this morning.  Yesterday I reached in the dog food area  and discovered we only had one can of dog food left.  I think I can add some things to his list before he leaves. 

 I learned yesterday we will be line dancing for the folks on the caravan at the farewell dinner.  Now, I was not told that in the beginning.  I thought I was there to learn something new and have fun, not practice and be laughed at later.  LOL  It is fun and you are moving around, exercising some to music which I really like.   The being laughed at part does not seem so bad now after being on stage and sung to by my 5 guys in front of oh, at least 700+ people, a 100+ crowd will be nothing. lol

Off to my craft class.  I will learn quilling.  

At 1:00 we got together for light snacks and refreshments.  Talk about the rally or other times with Adventure Caravans.  There were many funny times.  I shared my experience at the Yakov 
Smirnoff Show. They did a show number where we use a neat light thingy at our seats. Now it is intermission time.
We sat on the isle where there were no seats in front of us.  The light thingys were in front of the seats on holders.  Ours were on the back of ours seats.  After the number and intermission was in full swing we were told we could purchase them for 1/2 price.  I needed six for the grand kids.  So I reached back and took six.  The lady sitting behind me loudly told everyone that I was so rude for taking them and not asking her first before I took my six.  I heard and turned and said I was so sorry.  Offered her the thingys .  No she did not want them it was the idea I did not ask her permission first.  Please!!!!  Well the show goes on and Yakov does a great show about laughter and being nice to all in our lives as we are going through our lives.  The show ends and the lady taps me on the shoulder and says I am very sorry and gave me a hug.  I told Yakov this story to let him know his teachings work.

Back to the Farewell Party they also had wonderful raffled off gifts.  One was a trip Adventure Caravans offers to Palm Springs, California worth almost $3,000 and no we did not get it.   Another gift was a month in an Arizona park

The next entertainer was Patty Davidson a top-notch ventriloquist.  She was the best I have ever seen!!!  She has preformed all over the world.

Patty Davidson is so wonderful.

 Our next event for the night is the Fabulous Farewell to the Ozarks Dinner Party.  When arrived some 10 days ago we picked what we wanted for our dinner main dish.  Rog is having prime rib and I think I am having 1/2 chicken, it has been so long, and all the fixins.   The meal was the best we have had in all the time we have been in Branson.  I am talking about all the dinner shows and restaurants we have been to. There we exchanged many thank yous and that a boys for all that put this together.  Kay and Ron entertained us with dance music.  Yes, Rog did take me out on the dance floor.  We left a bit early from the dance because 1. Rog really does not like to dance and 2 NASCAR is on (car race) the tv, but Rog is having a hard time following it because the TV keeps interrupting because of tornado warnings and watches and server thunderstorm warnings.  He just can't win on this.  LOL

 We are suppose to get some nasty weather tonight.  Hope we do not get even close to the predicted stuff, big hail, tornadoes, straight-line winds, lots and lots of wind.  I am hearing thunder in the distance so I will stop and send this while I can.

Very interesting and what Hippocrates!!!!  What they are demonizing is the American dream. 

 Joe was there when they did it and probably voted against it and he lies.

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