Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Went for a walk today and saw some neat things.
Rog and the ladies out for a walk with me too.
Little plants growing on a decaying log.  
Seeds that were blown onto a branch.  These little seeds are on everything in the woods.
This looks like snow.  It is the seeds from the plant in the pic above.
Yellow flower looks like a butterfly to me.?
This tree looks like a lion to me or another such animal.
White flower.  LOL  There are many flowers still blooming this late in the season, but we are in Florida.
Pretty purple berries.
Another log with moss growing on it this time.
Pretty orange mushroom
Big Elephant Ears not sure if they grow wild in Florida or this has been planted here.
This is the last stop on our trip.  It is the graveyard for picnic tables.  We walked for a little over a mile.  Rog kept saying that the end was just around the next bend in the trail.  NOT  I do need the exercise.

This is probably more true than joke.
 Would love to see this at one of the many Christmas parties I will be going to this year.

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