Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Day at the Resort

Again we stayed home and did nothing at all.  Oh, I did do the dishes and took a walk around the resort, but that is about all.  

We are going out to eat tonight because of all the work I did today. LOL  We went to the Santa Fe Cattle Co. to eat tonight.  It is located just down the road a little ways and we really like the food.  They have an early bird special Monday through Friday between 4 and 6 pm.  We got two 6 oz steaks, two sides each, and rolls for $20 out the door with tax and tip.  We are now regulars because people there are recognizing us when we walk in.  We do not have restaurants close to us in our other location we go to farther south.   So I decided to take advantage now while I can and eat out a lot.  lol  I would like to try Applebee's two for one meals next time.  

Rog is thinking about getting a tandem tow dolly that allows you to carry a golf cart or whatever you want.  I  was thinking a black one to match us, golf cart that isRog said maybe a Hog.  Not at all likely mister.  He was also thinking if he got the tandem tow dolly we would not have to worry about the next car we purchased having to be able to flat tow it.   He will go round and round about this idea in his head and then decide not do it.  Me, it would be purchased and wore out by now.  LOL  I do not like to shop, compare, or research too much.  My thinking is ,decide you want it, get it, use it, and have fun with itI will get back at you on what is decided. 

I am loving this hair and the dye job that was done.  It is really beautiful.

Now for some fun.
 My peeps will understand this one and know he is talking about me and exactly who they the "K's" are.

 I felt this way when Halloween and Christmas decorations were out in the stores at the same time.  But I will jump right in there with the Christmas funnies really soon myself and the heck with the Turkey Guy.

 I love this one.  LOL LOL

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