Friday, November 30, 2012

Did a lot, but not much to say

Washed the dogs(they smell a lot better and feel great) and the car(shiny and bright).  Also cut Rog's hair(no tattoo yet so I had to do it all by myself). Ironed clothes(most of the wrinkles are gone)and washed the dishes(most of the spots are gone).  Knitted(added a few rows).  Went on the Net looking up stuff(some that I will use, but most not).  I was busy, but nothing to really write about.  

I will get out and take some pix of the birds before we leave this resort.  

I will now post some pix I found on the Internet.  Some to make you smile and say wow, some to make you laugh, some to make you hungry and some to make you think(maybe).

Pine cone sculpture.  I am not sure where.  It is really neat looking.  The cones are made from shovels.  Amazing.  Large Pine Cones by sculptor Patrick Plourde 

I am thinking they are in Maine somewhere in the sculptor's yard.


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  1. Actually they were made by Floyd Elzinga. Made from laser cut weathering steel. -please correct.