Saturday, December 1, 2012


Headed out on my walk and saw this dangling on the end of a strand of spider webbing.  Somebody's dinner on a leaf plate. 
Saw many birds this trip.  I have decided I am a bird watcher, not a bird looker-upper and find out the namer.  LOL  Takes all the fun out of it.
Bird nest close up
From afar
He is a beautiful guy.
I love how the yellow light up in the tree.
Cardinal.  I love the colors, him and his surroundings.  The lighting was cool.
Same guy in the sun
A neat gray one.
It is fun listening for them too.  I am learning the song of the Cardinal now.  These little guys all sound the same to me.  

This should be put on posters and glued to the frig for all to see and learn from.

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