Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I will give you the weather report as of 6:00 PM because that is what is driving us now. The wind is south east at 1 mph (no wind chill at all and we are really needing it about now) 87% humidity (this means you are soaking wet just sitting in your easy chair with a cold beer in hand), the dew point is 71* (which means you are soaking wet just sitting in your easy chair with a cold beer in hand)  and it is 75* ( which wouldn't be bad at all, but the wind is only blowing 1mph and the humidity is at 87%)I do not know how to do a degree thingy so I used and *.  

It was in the mid 80's today and the humidity was in the 90% range.  I am thinking this is almost what summer is like here and I do not want any part of it.  I did look at the forecast for tomorrow and the weather dude is saying the high should be 73*,  wind 6 mph, humidity 89% and an 80% chance of rain.  Then Thursday the cold front goes through and it should be 68* and a 20% chance of rain.  We are thinking this would be the best day to begin our Disney World/Universal Studios/Space Center Odyssey.  Then Christmas.....with Laura and David running around Miami /Fort Lauderdale/Key West/Everglades/and stuff.  It is going to be fun fun fun.  

Having to hang around here to wait out the rain was not a total waste.  We did get some small repairs done in the rig.  A cabinet was coming apart.  It was one we put in and was not built to with stand  3.9 earthquakes as we are traveling down the road.   

 I got another wheelchair lap robe done, some reading and card playing with Rog.  It is really too muggy and hot to do much else anyway.  Tomorrow is suppose to be the same.  So I will rest up for the big Odyssey.  LOL


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